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With More Than 22600 Uocava And Provisional Votes Out Officials Focused On Getting It Right

(ATLANTA) – With counting continuing in numerous counties
throughout Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger said that as of 3:00 p.m.
today there are approximately 8,400 military and overseas ballots (UOCAVA), and
14,200 provisional ballots outstanding.

“Officials in numerous counties are continuing to count
ballots, with strong security protocols in place to protect the integrity of
our election,” said Raffensperger. “We have long anticipated – and said
publicly – that counting would most likely take place into Wednesday night and
perhaps Thursday morning. We’re on pace to accomplish that responsibly,
ensuring that the voice of every eligible voter is heard. It’s important to act
quickly, but it’s more important to get it right.”

Raffensperger noted numerous security measures in place to
secure the vote and increase public confidence in the electoral process:

  • Absentee drop boxes were locked at 7 p.m. Tuesday evening,
    preventing illegal voting or potential fraud.
  • Surveillance cameras monitored drop boxes at all times.
  • State monitor is in the room with Fulton County for all
    counts and the public is welcome to observe any county as an added layer of
  • A pre-certification audit will provide additional
    confidence that the votes were accurately counted.

“We’re well aware that with a close presidential election
and the possibility of runoffs in some elections that the eyes of the state and
the nation are upon Georgia at this time,” Raffensperger said. “We’re as
anxious as anyone to see the final results and to start work on certification
and planning for our runoff elections. As the work goes on, I want to assure
Georgia voters that every legal vote was cast and accurately counted.”

The documents included below provide a breakdown
of the outstanding UOCAVA ballots by county for those counties that have
provided data and the provisional ballots that have been cast statewide.

UOCAVA Ballots

An additional approximately 8,410 military and overseas
absentee ballots have been sent out to requesters but not yet returned. Such
ballots, if postmarked by Election Day, can be accepted within three days of
Election Day.

The excel document titled “UOCAVA Update 11062020” provides
total numbers and a county by county breakdown of the total number UOCAVA ballots
that have been accepted and that have not yet been returned.

Provisional Ballots

There are also more than 14,200 provisional ballots that
have been received by county elections officials. Provisional ballots are used
in several situations and handled differently based on the situation. If a
voter tries to cast a ballot at the wrong precinct, they cast a provisional
ballot and only the races relevant to their assigned precinct are counted. If a voter attempts to cast a ballot but is
not listed as a registered voter, they vote a provisional ballot, which is set
aside until county officials or the voter him or herself clarifies their
registration status. Lastly, provisional ballots are used for any votes cast
during court extended voting hours.

The document entitled “Known Provisionals 10-6 3pm” contains
the information the Office of the Secretary of State had available as of 3 pm
on November 6 on the provisional ballots received by counties in Georgia. Data
was not available for all counties. Fulton County is not included in this
document. A key explaining the various codes is included to the right of the
data set.

An additional document, “Fulton Provisional Recap Notice
Nov3,” contains the data on provisional ballots received by Fulton County as of
noon on November 6.





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